5 Tips for Candidates in a Virtual Event. Stand Out and Get Noticed.

Many companies and organizations have shifted their recruiting efforts online. While virtual interviewing may seem intimidating at first, there are many benefits, such as attending more sessions, meeting more recruiters, no geographic barriers and zero travel costs. Virtual interviewing allows employers a more efficient process and gives them a larger candidate pool.

As in-person events make a comeback, virtual is here to stay. If you haven’t honed your interviewing skills to virtual as well, now is the time. Here are 5 ways to be successful during your next virtual interview.

Plan Ahead

Research the companies taking part in the event ahead of time and review their job board or available positions. Not only will this help you know if the organization is the right fit for you, but you’ll be able to have knowledge of the company when talking to recruiters and reps during the event. Impress them with your knowledge of the company as you make small-talk or ask insightful questions on values that are important to them.

Update your profile within the virtual event system with as many details as possible. Attach your resume, cover letter, references, portfolio samples, or CV, anything that will show your experience and set you apart. CareerEco allows you to upload as many files as you like in order to present your best work. Your profile is your first impression, make it count.


Reach out and make a connection with the recruiter or company prior to the event. Connect on professional platforms such as LinkedIn, but leave the social platforms for social, not business. Send a message through the platform if possible. CareerEco allows employers and recruiters to message candidates. If you receive a message, be sure to respond in a timely manner.

Within the CareerEco platform, you can browse the participating organizations and express interest. This lets them know that you have taken the time to go to their page, check out their job board and company details, and you would like to connect and learn more.

Be Ready

A virtual event doesn’t mean casual attire from the couch. A first impression is exactly that and you don’t get a second chance. Dress professionally, treat the virtual event like you would an in-person event.

Be prepared to go on video by having an appropriate background for your meetings, such as a blank wall or one with limited items that can be a distraction. You want them focused on you, not your background. Lighting should be set up in front of you. Sit facing a window for natural light or place a lamp, or even better a light ring in front of you to prevent a dark appearance.

Test your hardware. Most platforms will allow you to test the technology ahead of time. Don’t wait until the day of your event to check the microphone and camera. Turn your video on and see what it’s going to look like on event day.


Showing up is not enough. Speak up and ask questions during the event. Have several questions prepared in case someone else asks the same one. You don’t want to ask the same question back-to-back and appear to not be paying attention. Be aware of your body language and what it’s saying. Sitting up straight and looking forward shows interest while leaning back and wandering eyes conveys lack of interest.

Speaking of paying attention, put your phone away and limit distractions. Don’t look down at your phone or have your eyes roaming around the room when you’re on a video call. Focus your attention on the other person just like you would face-to-face. Making eye contact and listening are important in life and business, apply that here.


The follow-up is not a thing of the past. Reach out to any organization representatives that you interacted with during the event. Reinforce your interest in the organization with a professional thank you email. Let them know that you have taken the appropriate next steps, such as applying online and any other instructions they may have included in their job posting.

Most importantly, always treat a virtual event like a real interview, because it is.

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