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CareerEco Announces Two New Features for Virtual Recruiting

WILMINGTON, Del., May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CareerEco, the leading virtual recruiting platform that allows participants to connect in real-time from anywhere, introduces two new self-service features to support the ever-changing landscape for virtual recruitment and easily hosting events. Customers will now have access to a low-cost option for managing events and a new way to drive engagement among participating candidates.

“The power and value of virtual events is a key component to any organization’s strategy. Now, with both the content engagement window and a quick deployment process, CareerEco is poised to extend its platform to more organizations who might be facing staff or budget restrictions, all while delivering engaging experiences,” says Chris Guzek, the general manager of CareerEco.

The new Virtual Event Builder Workflow, in our CareerEco Core offering, will give organizations a low-cost and quick option for creating and launching an event. From developing registration questions to custom-branding your virtual event site, our new tool has you covered.

The new Content Engagement Window allows hosts and organizations to easily display and deliver dynamic content to candidates during a virtual event. It is designed to drive engagement among participating candidates by simultaneously being able to display content, while also interacting with candidates from within a virtual event room.

As always, CareerEco is focused on providing fantastic technology and innovative functionality, all backed by its industry-differentiating support team. These two new features both extend existing functionality to drive engagement to candidates by organizations, as well as make virtual recruitment events more accessible, regardless of budget or staff.

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