CareerEco Releases New Technology Feature to Support Onsite Career Fairs

Expands Capabilities to Service Customers Hosting In-Person Events

NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CareerEco, the pioneer in the virtual events market, announced today an expansion of its service to support in-person events. As the global workforce rebounds from COVID and recruiters hit the ground, CareerEco has introduced a solution to optimize traditional recruiting and encourage more meaningful employer and candidate connections.   

Buffalo Area Teacher Recruitment Day Committee is leading the way by choosing CareerEco to provide their technology to help School Districts achieve their recruiting objectives at their annual career fair. Lynn Rogers, Chair of the Buffalo Area Teacher Recruitment Day Committee said, “We are so excited to use CareerEco for our in-person Teacher Recruitment Day. We have partnered with them for virtual events and have been very happy with the results, so we knew that CareerEco was the best platform for our in-person event.”

CareerEco Founder, Gayle Oliver-Plath, is confident event organizers will vastly improve outcomes by leveraging their tools which include customized event sites that showcase critical pre-event data to employers and jobseekers alike. Employer-branded profiles, jobseekers’ resumes, and other career-related documents provide much needed information to bolster preparedness on both sides of the conference table. CareerEco’s scheduler enables jobseekers to preschedule 1:1 appointments with employers to expedite finding opportunities that match their goals. Post-event reporting and indefinite access to the candidate pool is key to ensuring employers can take the next step toward hiring. Event hosts will benefit from detailed registrant information that reiterates the value they provide to their stakeholders.

In a competitive recruiting landscape, candidate pipelines will be built through traditional and digital recruiting efforts for the foreseeable future. These new capabilities elevate the CareerEco offering to a more comprehensive solution for onsite, virtual, and hybrid events across national and international markets. 

Direct Media inquiries to:  Gayle Oliver-Plath,  | 770-402-7520

About CareerEco

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, CareerEco, a Vault-Firsthand company, is a pioneer and leading online virtual event platform. Enabling millions of career connections for more than a decade, its platform is a trusted recruitment resource leveraged by thousands of the world’s global and midsize employers, government agencies, non-profits, professional associations, and colleges and universities. Since 2010, CareerEco has provided a virtual option for early-career and experienced talent to accelerate professionally by engaging with employers and educational institutions to pursue new careers and new degrees.

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