How School Districts Can Benefit from Virtual Teacher Fairs

School districts have shifted to virtual fairs out of necessity and it’s working!

The days of big in-person job fairs for school districts have become a thing of the past as recruitment staff and principals discover the ease that comes with hosting a virtual teacher fair. Candidates are able to interact with district recruiters about open positions from the comfort of their computer, from anywhere in the world. The forced shift to virtual events in 2020 and 2021 has allowed schools and campuses to learn first-hand the benefits of hosting a virtual teachers fair. Here we breakdown four reasons why school districts are happy to make the shift to online.

Ease and Flexibility

The nature of a virtual event saves school district’s time and money. Hosting an event online accommodates administrators’ and principals’ busy schedules, allowing them to take part in a more flexible and convenient format.

Typically, in-person events could only take place on the weekend, whereas a virtual event allows schools to host an event any day of the week. For weekday events, times can blend into the school day and into the evening (i.e., 2pm-8pm). This flexible time schedule allows working teachers to attend after their regular school day. Your recruiting team can split up into shifts, making it convenient for everyone to attend and cover the entire event.

Candidates can learn about open positions for teachers, administrators and support staff in a group chat setting with the opportunity to dive deeper during private, face-to-face meetings through audio or video chat. CareerEco offers a scheduled meeting platform called RSViP — it’s ideal for conducting pre-scheduled interviews with your top candidates.

Meet More Candidates

Removing the need to drive or travel, allows more candidates to attend your event. Your candidate pool increases drastically as geographic restrictions are lifted, even allowing for international candidates and student teachers located abroad to participate.

For candidates, the convenience of participating in a virtual event, takes away the pressures of taking time off work, arranging childcare, traveling to a neighboring district or out of state.

Principals and school administrators can meet with more candidates in a one-day virtual event than was possible in a two-day in-person event. The ability to multi-task from group chats to private chats and get your daily tasks done during down time, make it a win-win.

Face Time

Schools concerned about losing the ability to meet candidates ‘face-to-face’ have nothing to worry about. The advancements in virtual event technology allow this important aspect to continue. The top-choice event platforms have video and audio broadcasting options for private one-on-one meetings, giving you the face-to-face interaction needed to have meaningful conversations.

In addition to communicating with candidates privately using video or audio, CareerEco also allows districts to share information with a group of jobseekers concurrently. Schools or departments can host a panel discussion featuring teachers and administrators or conduct a presentation to all the candidates within their main room.

Accessing Data

Virtual event reporting tools allow you to track an event’s success — giving you access to key performance indicators such as the total number of registered candidates, candidate attendance data, activity details on a per room basis, and conversational transcripts from the actual event.

School Representatives can view a candidate’s resume, profile information, credentials, and uploaded files such as letters of recommendation or teaching plans, before, during and after the event. An important difference between CareerEco and other platforms is the unlimited access to this data. There are no time restrictions or cut-offs to access a candidate’s profile and resume. CareerEco allows you to export all of the candidate information from the event according to key word search criteria.

To learn more about hosting a virtual teacher fair or to see how the CareerEco platform works, contact us at 770.874.7807 or Sales@CareerEco.com.