Candidate is interviewed by Two Hiring Managers

How to Recruit and Hire Top Talent

By: Kim Pulliam

If your company is like most businesses out there, connecting with the best and most qualified candidates is a top priority. Unfortunately, there is no secret code to find them, but luckily there are key strategies that have been proven to successfully engage top talent!

Here at CareerEco Virtual Events, based on over a decade of support and research in the recruitment industry, we’re happy to share some tried and true tips with your recruitment team.

Social Media:

It’s a fact – social media is here as the front line in your hiring process. More than half of all job seekers say that social media was utilized in some way during their job search – especially new talent. Go to where the candidates go to learn about what is out there in the world of employment. Create a strong brand presence online, and offer candidates insights into your organization’s culture as well as pertinent information about your industry that can help them in their career research. Showcase your company’s work environment, mission and energy. Speak to candidates in their current lingo and design a platform that is desirable to follow. Don’t forget to update and enhance your careers page on your company website – upload recent employee testimonials and any positive press about your company’s mission and culture. Building up a site that highlights your company’s culture is key in attracting the types of candidates that will adapt seamlessly into your workforce. You will be amazed at how your numbers grow!

Word of Mouth:

Incentivize current employees to refer candidates. Studies show that placements introduced by the company’s current employees are interviewed and hired faster than any other jobseeker source. This approach outperforms job boards and postings by a significant margin. When an active employee touts their employer’s great working conditions, energy, benefits package and potential for growth opportunities – that speaks volumes!

How to build a pool of candidates that you know will be ideal for advancement in the future:

On-site or Campus Meet-ups:

Make candidate engagement a priority. Participate in info sessions and meet and greets to encourage engagement. Build relationships by being visible and providing company swag when you visit campus – this helps keep your organization top of mind. Your recruiters should be individuals who the candidates have a positive recollection of so that when the next connection occurs, they are looking forward to reuniting. While chatting with the students, it is good to share the opportunities for continued education and promotion from within. If a candidate asks questions regarding training and opportunities for promotion, that is a good sign to look at them a little closer. Be sure to involve the faculty in your discussions. They are instrumental in pointing your recruiters in the direction of candidates that might not have ended up on your radar.

Virtual Recruitment and Information Events:

This step is a bit more formal in the process of getting to know your candidates. When participating in a virtual event, consider a short presentation with a group of current employee testimonial videos or maybe include a panel of current employees in order for the candidates to be able to ask questions related to your company culture and even the particular culture of the department where you are interested in placing the new hire. Your current employees could provide insightful feedback to you about top candidates, as they would be the ones working directly with the new hire.

In our virtual events, you are given access to uploaded information for ALL registered candidates indefinitely! This affords you the opportunity to revisit a candidate that you didn’t end up hiring at one event, but would consider for a different position later. Often times, the candidate hired either doesn’t work out or another position becomes available. Having access to your event notes and the registered candidates is priceless. Feel free to check back at your leisure.

Final Thoughts:

CareerEco is here to support your organization in your quest to find the ideal candidates to fill your employment needs. According to feedback from recruiters and job seekers alike, our platform is proven to be easy to navigate and an excellent tool for employers to utilize in order to organize and streamline the hiring process. We would be thrilled to share some of the compliments we have received in our nearly 15-years of doing business in the virtual events arena. Take a look at our upcoming events, and if you would like to set up a time for a demo or discussion as to how we can help facilitate a recruitment event for your company, give us a call any time!