Remote Work

Remote Work – Is it for You?

By: Kim Pulliam

Are you interested in the idea of remote work? With many organizations offering remote and hybrid positions globally, the concept is not as foreign as it once was. If you are thinking about looking for or taking a job that would require or allow you to work remotely, here are some pros and cons to keep in mind:


Be prepared to be lonely at times. Working apart from the hustle and bustle of an office setting is appealing to many, but for extroverts and outgoing individuals, the disconnect from in-person human interactions oftentimes is difficult. If you are someone who craves social connections, you may want to keep this in mind. If you are more of an introvert and get more work done when you are by yourself, this may be an excellent option for you. Just be sure to schedule outings occasionally in order to check in with people.

Work – Life Balance

Creating a boundary between home life and work life can be challenging. If you don’t establish set hours, you could potentially be at work 24/7! Try to keep regular business hours and resist the temptation to check emails or work on a proposal after the work day is over. Of course sometimes working late is necessary, but it is a slippery slope, and once you start down this path, it can become a habit. Being able to step away from work at a reasonable time will help ensure a healthier life balance and will remind you to focus on your mental well being. Staying clear with your employer regarding what is expected for your schedule is critical  – you don’t want to misinterpret what they require. It is best to ensure that their expectations are in writing.


Since it is impossible to catch up in the coffee break room when one is working remotely, it is on the remote worker to find ways to interact with colleagues and managers in order to feel connected to the organization. Ask your employer if there are ways to socialize or be assigned to projects with groups with set meetings in a virtual setting in order to meet others in the company. You don’t want to miss out on a chance to network, and it is much more difficult to make those connections while working remotely. Remember, you need to advocate for yourself, and you might just have to ask your manager if you are able to create a work team that has regularly scheduled virtual meetings in order to keep up with what is going on in the office.

Going Forward

Remote work is here to stay. There are many reasons to consider taking a position that would allow you to work away from the company’s offices – flexibility, geographic location issues, family duties, and more. Just be sure that you have thought through if it is the right fit for you. If you are not sure that a 100% remote position is right for you, ask the employer if there is a chance the job could be hybrid in order for you to have a percentage of time in the office and the rest at home. If not, and you like the idea of working independently, remote work may be the perfect fit for you!

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