Woman Job Seeker with Glasses

Job Searching Tips for Recent Grads

By: Kim Pulliam

Entering the workforce after graduation is an exciting time! CareerEco Virtual Events has some job searching tips for soon to be or recent graduates.

Tip 1: Tailor Your Resume

Get your resume in order and make sure it is tailored to each position you are applying for. Check out employers’ websites to see what each company considers important and read any press releases to see if you align with the organization’s mission in order to replicate key words or phrases to use in your resume. Don’t forget to highlight your soft skills in addition to any hard skills you may have. Continuing along those lines, when you score an interview, this will enable you to speak with conviction about their organization.

Tip 2: Practice Interviewing

Practice interviewing with a friend or mentor in order to feel comfortable with certain phrases you have scripted to ensure pertinent information you want the decision makers to know about you is relayed. If you are at ease during the interview, you will project confidence, and that is a trait all employers are looking for! Most importantly, be yourself. If you are putting on an act, you will not feel authentic and that will affect your energy. Be sure to get the full name and address of the person you interviewed with in order to write them a short thank you email. You’d be surprised how that will make you stand out from the crowd!

Tip 3: Use Your Resources

Join your school’s alumni association, or if you are still in school, be sure to visit career services to take advantage of what the counselors offer for assistance. Most colleges and universities offer alumni career services programs, as well. Join clubs and associations related to your field of interest and make networking a priority. Keep an optimistic and positive outlook. Send out multiple resumes and don’t feel like you have to take the first job offered to you. Have an open mind and realize that the job you take might be in an area that you had not considered. There are lots of jobs out there. Make sure that the position you take gives you opportunities for growth and development. They are just as important as salary and benefits.

Tip 4: Join Events!

Lastly, register to join the Virtual Events that CareerEco promotes on our virtual platform. The events are always free to job seekers, and every employer recruiting has access to your uploaded resume indefinitely. If you don’t connect during a specific event, they may reach out to you at a later date!

Best of luck – You’ve got this!