Negotiate Your Salary

How to Negotiate Your Salary

By: Kim Pulliam

So, you landed your dream position – Congratulations!  Now…are you willing to be brave and negotiate your salary?

Do Your Research!

Have reasonable expectations by doing your research through finding out what is a usual and expected salary in your particular field. Having said that, aim high, but be aware you may have to compromise. You don’t have to accept their offer straight away; however, be prepared to accept something closer to what they offer than what you want if the market is in the employer’s favor.

What do I have to Offer?

It’s important for you to be able to articulate the value you can bring to the employer. How do your skills, experience, career level, or education set you apart? If you have samples of your work – be it written or visual if you are in an artistic field – consider including examples to showcase your abilities. It also is a good idea to have already asked former bosses or professors for references or letters of recommendation and offer these to the interviewer.

Prepare for Negotiation

Once you have reviewed an employer’s offer, you should be ready to ask if they are willing to negotiate. Be sure to have your research and compelling arguments ready to back up why you would ask for more than they have offered. If the company is willing to negotiate, be ready to have the discussions go anywhere from a week to two weeks. You may be lucky and have them immediately accept your counter offer, or they may just decline it right off. You should be bold and ask for what you want – you surely won’t get it if you don’t ask for it. Practice and communicate yourself clearly. This will be a good experience for you to draw from going forward for the rest of your career. The earlier you become your own best advocate, the better! In some cases, an employer may not be able to meet your salary requirements. Don’t be afraid to look for another opportunity.

Now go out and show them why you are worth so much!

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