Is an Online Degree the Best Choice?

By: Allison Bauers

More than ten years ago, I embarked on an unconventional path by choosing to pursue my Master’s degree online. Back then, online education was still finding its footing, but the program I found at The George Washington University was a perfect fit for my demanding job that required extensive travel. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of my online journey, was the diverse group of students I encountered. My virtual classroom became a global meeting place, bringing together individuals from around the world. The exchange of ideas and perspectives was enlightening, broadening my horizons in ways I never anticipated. 

Perhaps the most unforgettable moment was when a classmate participated in our session while stationed on a Coast Guard cutter. The flexibility of online learning allowed them to pursue their education even amid high seas, showcasing the true power of technology. 

Fast forward to today, and I can confidently say that my online Master’s degree has significantly enhanced my career. The skills and knowledge I acquired have propelled me to new heights and equipped me to excel in an ever-evolving work environment. And it’s given me a unique perspective on the upcoming Virtual Fairs for Online Graduate Programs hosted by CareerEco Virtual Events.

In a world where online education has gained immense credibility, my message to aspiring learners is simple: Embrace the possibilities. Don’t let skepticism hold you back. Online education can be a transformative journey, just as it was for me.