Virtual Career Fairs Are Here To Stay

By: Gayle Oliver-Plath

Prior to the pandemic and for more than a decade, we hosted a multitude of virtual career fairs where hundreds of thousands of employers and jobseekers successfully connected online. Our experience indicates virtual events are an essential option for those who have barriers to attending in-person events.

Covid strictly amplified the need for a contingency plan to unforeseen recruitment disrupters, and now, it is an accepted strategy. A generation of talent that is tech savvy expects to interact online and build relationships, even if they still want traditional recruitment opportunities.

Online learners, individuals living with disabilities, employed jobseekers, recruiters who cannot travel to campuses they want to recruit from… all of these are reasons to offer a virtual fair option.

Virtual events can provide a companion event to your on-campus recruitment events, or simply give an alternative to those who may have decided on-site recruiting is too costly due to rising expenses and the time investment.

Industry specific events and general fairs can be equally effective. How the event is formatted is a key to success. Providing open information sessions and a by-appointment interview format which happens concurrently allows for targeted interviewing and career exploration. It is the best of both worlds virtually.

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