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You Can’t Beat the Personal Connection!

By: Chris Guzek

Nothing groundbreaking, just my two cents. Lately, my family has been all about my job, with one of my nieces recently picking my brain about career exploration as she gears up for a summer job/internship search.

She lamented about the struggle of getting noticed in the sea of applicants. While I emphasized the importance of tailoring her resume and following up personally, it got me thinking about what we do here at CareerEco.

So, here’s why I believe virtual recruiting can be a game-changer in navigating the challenges posed by AI filters:

? Human Connection: In a world driven by technology, virtual recruiting events offer a breath of fresh air by blending genuine human interaction with cutting-edge technology. These events allow candidates to engage in real-time with recruiters and hiring managers, showcasing their personality, passion, and skills in ways that go beyond a traditional resume or algorithm.

⚖️ Leveling the Playing Field: Some AI applicant tracking software often introduces biases that can disadvantage qualified candidates. Virtual recruiting events provide a fairer platform where candidates are evaluated based on merit and potential rather than solely on algorithms.

? Efficiency and Effectiveness: While AI aims to streamline recruitment, it can often overlook hidden talent. Virtual recruiting events strike a balance between efficiency and effectiveness, combining technology with the human touch to ensure that qualified candidates get the attention they deserve.